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Reda Slavinskaitė

Reda Slavinskaitė

About me: I am a training lecturer, consultant and coaching specialist. Finding solutions, analyzing behavioral motives and communicating knowledge have always been the main passion. Over 15 years of leadership experience has helped me to clarify where I can be most useful. This is how business consulting, training-based skills building and, of course, coaching have emerged as an indispensable tool for anyone seeking change.

Activity: Business consulting and training. Direction - improvement of motivation and communication, optimization of processes. Individual coaching sessions (more than 600 hours).

Certificates: NLP Trainer, Coaching Trainer, Enneagram Trainer, Business Trainer (ICTA). Practitioner of Erikson Hypnosis. Master of International Business and Finance.


This project is for those who are interested in living a quality life, pursuing their favorite activities, and striving for improvement. Such people know that something is not going the way they would like it to be, and they have the courage to initiate change and find solutions to improve the situation. With our help you will be able to unlock your potential, gain knowledge, refine your goals and priorities, and find the best way out of the current situation.

  ... Not satisfied with the results achieved? Not satisfied with creativity and initiative of the team? There is no one to entrust with important tasks, so you have to decide everything yourself? Did the motivation to create and pursue new goals disappeared? Team is splited and resist changes? Projects delay because of poor communication? ...

 If you answered "YES" to any of the questions, or paused and wondered, you just MUST take action to improve the situation as soon as possible - TIME FOR CHANGE IS NOW!

What benefits you get?

      It is an integrated approach to your needs, choosing from a variety of ways of communicating and influencing knowledge, using the most appropriate methodologies such as NLP, Enneagrama, Metaphors or Hypnosis.

    By using various methods and techniques you will be able to:

  • Understand your own and teem needs and behavioral motives;
  • Discover motivation: recover lost or create a new one;
  • Set goals and ensure their implementation;
  • Increase productivity by time planning and optimizing activities;
  • Ignite your ideas with those around you (employees, colleagues, managers);
  • Encourage creativity and initiative to you and colleagues;
  • Assemble the team properly and enable it;
  • Delegate work and entrust responsibilities;
  • Expand knowledge and personal growth.

    If you are still in doubt or may be of particular benefit to you - lets contact and we will be able to discuss all opportunities and risks.

Whom is this project for?

For people who want changes, have goals, and are ready to take action, on the road to a more successful life.

Business owners, leaders, HR specialists and all motivated people, will find good ideas here.


Coaching - A conversation that inspires changes. It would seem like a simple yet highly effective way to help you clear out your needs, keep your thoughts and priorities in mind, and find resources to fulfill your goals.

Education - When you know what you don’t know. Progress is only possible if we are aware of the limits of our expertise and want to expand them. New knowledge and practice will make it easier to achieve your personal and company goals.

Consulting - Personal Advisor. A new challenge, unexpected changes, limited time to find a solution - in all these cases, you need a consultant, a specialist who can give you several good ideas and alternatives.

Seminar - Measured solutions. Will the new methodology really be interesting and useful to me? You will find answers to these and other questions, needed for making your decision in a short specific presentation. 

Supervision - Compulsory inspection. Being able to look at the situation from outside helps anyone who wants to develop as a manager or coach. Break the deadlock where you have no solution and no new ideas.

Training - Practice and repeat. Testing, repeating, refining and mastering the new methodology is essential. Developing a new skill can be a very useful tool in the fight against bad habits. 

Mentoring - Gain experience. Being able to learn from others experience can not only shorten our path to a goal, but also protect us from critical mistakes and help us stay calm in the face of failure. With support, all challenges are overcome. 

Mediation - Where two fights. The self-defense instinct is natural for everyone, so in case of conflict, defense and attack become the only strategy. Impartial mediation helps to see the situation more widely and to find the optimal solution. 




The Enneagram is a model of personality transformation that first and foremost allows you to get to know yourself better, understand the causes of life events, and initiate change. By mastering knowledge, you can understand important things about yourself, or even your place in the world. Nine types of enneagram are distinguished, with their subconscious motives, behavioral patterns, basic needs, and emotions. Even more understanding of ourselves and others reveals our changes in the state of stress and comfort. Recognizing a client's health level is an indispensable help for any psychologist or coach. The Enneagram is, in a sense, the connection between psychology and spirituality, which helps to become conscious and mature personalities.



Metaphors are a great communication tool that helps visualize suppressed feelings, emotions, break free from the shadows of the past, reveal intuition and knowledge of oneself. Psychological metaphorical associative cards such as Points of You, OH cards and so on are used to reveal this method. The use of metaphorical cards facilitates an atmosphere of trust, which helps to overcome internal resistance and to remove protective mental barriers, which sometimes cannot be broken by any other method. These cards are used in psychological counseling, therapy, work with various social groups, in business - team building or conflict resolution.



The coaching philosophy is based on respecting the client's personal and professional experience and the belief that each client is a creative, diverse and integral personality. It does not look for problems, but for the best solutions, and steps to realize them. During the interview, the client models alternative solutions to the problem, learns new behavior, analyzes past situations, and develops future opportunities. Coaching is a process of change that helps to discover the client's inner potential, increase efficiency and achieve qualitatively new results in personal and professional life. Coaching helps you to clear your goals and achieve them.



NLP is a system that allows you to understand, change your thinking, activate internal resources, change habits and improve your quality of life. NLP is neuro-linguistic programming. "Neuro" means that NLP is based on research on human neural cells, how they communicate and process information. “Linguistic” - it examines the impact of the language used in our lives. “Programming” means the ability to model and modify our conventional, automatic ways of thinking, speaking and behaving. Changing attitudes towards the situation and oneself - human behavior tends to change. NLP focuses on human motivation, beliefs, and values. It helps you to expand your perception of the world, to see more of the opportunities that exist, and to make the most of them.



Hypnosis is a psychotherapeutic method that takes the client into a trance. It is an intermediate state between waking and sleeping, when a person feels and hears the environment and can control himself. During hypnosis, the client relaxes, calms the mind, feels more about his body, his emotions, and can directly or through metaphors find the solutions he wants. Trance is the natural state of the human being that we experience on a daily basis, but we do not always reap its benefits. When specialist knows your problem or inquiry, he can help you find the answers that you need.



Individual live online seminars are very convenient way to get interesting and useful knowledges about tools and methods you are interested in. The standard duration of seminar is 1.5 hours. During this time, you will learn basic information and get answers to all your questions. Since the studies are individual, it is possible to choose a time and date that is convenient for you.

Enneagram and its use in coaching. The Eneagram helps to recognize and understand people's dominant beliefs, life strategies, and underlying behavioral motives. The three intelligences (emotional, mental, physical) influence our basic needs and emotions differently, forming nine Enneatypes. Knowing them allows us to understand our reactions, discover our inner balance, avoid trending events, and greatly improve communication with those around us.

Metaphorical Associative Cards (MAK). Working with metaphoric cards is possible with individuals or groups, regardless of age, education, or inquiries. They have no specific meanings. Only clients insights help to look at the situation differently, to discover inner desires, fears and solutions. The wide variety of cards allows you to choose the most suitable for the specifics of your job. They are very effective in coaching sessions or in individual techniques.

Transformations through trance and symbols. For many people, hypnosis and trance sounds very scaring, even though we all use it in our daily lives. Every time you dream or dive into a certain activity, you are in a trance. And hypnosis can deepen this mode. During the trance, our inner critic falls silent and opens the way to the subconscious, where certain images are used to discover the answers and resources you need.

Coaching - from hobby to profession. Frequently beginners coaches wonder whether coaching can make income for living. The answer may be individual, but first and foremost it is a matter of attitude, what is coaching for you - a hobby to help people or a job for which you are entitled to get money? The initial stage is to refine your vision and goals, and to define your niche and target audience. The next task is to reach and attract customers with your expertise.

Signature coaching program. In this course, you will learn how your signature coaching program can simplify clients search, make it easier to attract them, and increase your rates and earnings. By understanding what your clients' main problem is and what their biggest desire is, you can create a step-by-step plan to move from their current unsatisfactoring situation to desired one. A good coaching program is exactly what the client wants, so be prepared to get orders and make changes.

Preparing and presenting of the training program. Having a great store of knowledge and ability to impart it is far from necessarily related. A good training program has the appropriate structure to reach each listener's mind, to answer questions of concern. The innate and developed qualities of the lecturer help to unite the group, its dynamics, maintain interest throughout the learning process and create conditions for the development of new skills.

Leadership in coaching style. Smart executives understand that business success is largely dependent on employee motivation, engagement and dedication. Mastering coaching techniques can help unlock the potential of employees, teach them how to find optimal solutions and take responsibility for their implementation. The supervisor must be able to provide appropriate feedback, maintain a balance between frustration and support, and ensure that individual and team work is resourceful.

Dream Team. The methodology is based on Patrick Lencioni's research on organizational health. There are five major team dysfunctions that not only fail to deliver the desired results, but also destroy companies from within, increasing employee indifference, mistrust, and only personal satisfaction. Empowering the team requires the involvement of each member, understanding their contribution and faith in the shared vision. The team leader needs and can take the initiative to create a dream team.